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NOTE: if you are looking for hourly or part time jobs in your area, you should look into signing up to Snagajob. It is FREE to sign up and they are the one job site online that specializes in the kind of employers and jobs that 17 and 18 year olds would be looking for.

If you are still in high school, you are probably looking for a part time job of some kind. The best place to go online to find jobs for18 year olds that are part time is Snagajob. This online jobs search site is the #1 job site for part time and hourly jobs.

If you have time to get a job in high school and can get one, you should seriously think about the benefits down the line. Now with jobs so hard to find, you need work experience to increase your chances of getting a job after you graduate high school. You also need to start putting together a resume (see resumes for 18 year olds) and you want to have things to put on that resume. While awards that you have won and volunteer work you have participated in is better than nothing, what employers really want to see is work experience. That is why getting a job while you are still in high school is such a good idea.

If you know you are not going to go to college and you will need a job after graduation, you might as well start looking early while you are still in the 12th grade. Your first step should be to start looking in the area that interests you so that you can find the job you want or one that is at least in the same field. If you are lucky to find a job while you are still in school, you might be able to turn that part time job into a full time job after you graduate.

Right now the economy is awful and all teens, kids, young adults, and even older people are having a super difficult time finding jobs. This is why you should start your job search early while you are still in school. Kids who start looking for jobs for eighteen year olds while they are still in school are the smart ones and will have a jump ahead of everyone else after graduation. Give Snagajob a try and get a job now before you REALLY need one!


  1. EUREEKA WILLIAMS, 29. January 2010, 15:31


  2. Aaron Prather, 5. February 2010, 20:21

    I really want a job

  3. arianne arceo, 16. February 2010, 8:44

    i really really badly need a job

  4. BounjourJess, 16. February 2010, 17:55

    I NEED/WANT a job, ASAP!

  5. Zella Broussard, 18. February 2010, 15:52

    Hello! everyone. I’m a young adult that is looking for a job. Soon this year i will be gradrating in the class of 2010. I’m a very hard working and relibile person. Also I’m trust worthy as well.

  6. ashley, 19. February 2010, 23:49

    I need a job to pay my car insurance to get back and forth to school.

  7. Grier,Mary, 21. February 2010, 22:35

    Hi my name is MAry, Im 18 and I attend Match charter public highschool. Recently, my parent got arrested and i am living temporarily with my aunt and uncle before i apply to get my own place. I really need a job right now so I can get started. Please and thank you

  8. arianne arceo, 7. March 2010, 10:26

    i need a job i will be graduating highschool this 2010 and i really want to have a job so that next year i can continue my studies plss i got no experience yet but im willing to learn i just really need a job if only you can trusth me i can be good employee…

  9. marnae, 8. March 2010, 2:05

    my name is marnae &i really need a job so please help us young adults thats willing to work thanks (:

  10. nina, 10. March 2010, 5:11

    My name is nina i am 18 years old and i graduted high school but im loomin for a job i been to so many places around and none of them seem to be hiring and that seems to be the answer for all of them and i really need help getting a job…..

  11. Emmet, 11. March 2010, 15:21

    hi, i am an 18 year old who is experiencing the reality of life and is under desperate pressure to find a job that can support me my mothe and little sister. me nor my mother are are currently employed and we are in the middle of moving. can i get help here?

  12. jenni, 14. March 2010, 6:51

    unfortunatly now its hard to get a job and it seems like when your in dier need of a job it gets 10x harder! I’m also 18 and looking for a job and needs one really bad this is no longer a want its been passed a want. I have apply to more then 100 of thoes online app.s at snagajob.com, regaurdless we cant give up isn’t there some place we can go online to take surveys or anything cause I recently lost my car(transmittion) so I can’t get anywhere?

  13. indira garcia, 14. March 2010, 20:22

    iam a 18 year old girl searching for a part time job i really need a job badly

  14. rakila zeigler, 17. March 2010, 3:42

    hi im 18 year old looking for a job any job to take care my family needs and my church family for i can blessed my pastor and his loving wife and the homeless peoples

  15. krysta johnson, 18. March 2010, 18:07

    hi i am 18 years old and i am really lookn for a job.

  16. michael charles, 22. March 2010, 4:50

    Hi I’m 18 years old and I desperately need a job. My mom (who is a single parent) only makes about 47K a year after taxes. She works extremely hard to provide for me and my younger sibling. We can’t afford digital cable so we have basic, sometimes our water gets cut off and we barely have any decent clothes to wear. In short, I’m poor. Hard times are settling in with this economy and America being in a reccession. The reality is I’m 18 years old, graduating high school in 2 months, no vehicle or transportation and I’m unemployed while my parent struggles to make ends meet. I’m depressed because I can’t help my Mom out and she needs help with bills, and rent. Can you please help me get a job? I’m begging you please help out a friend in need. Thanks

  17. bianca, 2. December 2010, 15:46

    i am 18 year old look for a job and i good care of kidse and baby

  18. Musa Hunter, 12. December 2010, 22:53

    I need a job so bad. I need money

  19. Eduard B. Atup, 30. December 2010, 11:52

    To whom it may concern;
    Im Eduard Atup , 18 years old…and I desperately need a job.
    My mother has no job right now….But the big problem is…
    she has now a big dept in business matters…
    pls…i need a job now …..somebody can help me…?

  20. Alexandra, 1. February 2011, 17:47

    hi my names alexandra I am 18 years old. And looking for a job im in a desprate situation as I am on my own, I cant afford to eat anymore and left my other job because of un fair treatment (sexual comments all the time) I have worken in food industreas before and party pacages selling costumes! neally need a new job. im willing to work any hours of the day, Im curently in school in hail so I can work any day any time exsept on tuesdays! But can work after three. Im hard working,lovable,love workig with and around other people,trusting,honest and fun. please if any one finds something please let me know my cell is 905 716 3990 thats my cell!!! please some one help a girl out!!! also am supporting my younger boyfriend due to surcomstances! am im really in diarneed of a job! please keep in mind that i dont have a car or tranportation or a drivers licence!

  21. JacQual Hart, 8. March 2011, 16:33

    hello my name is JacQual Hart I am 18 yrs of age I am looking for job i am attending school at Cd Hylyton high school this is my last year.. i have good grade but also I am a hard worker so if there is any way I can get a job hope you be happy to help me thank you an have a bless day

  22. Brion sutton, 3. June 2011, 13:49

    im lookin for a job and will do any position at this point..just tryna have somethin do better with my time instead of being out here on the streets.not tryna be like a jail bird like the rest of my family…want to realy do somethin with my life..ill real apriciate it

  23. Elisa, 14. July 2011, 7:50

    i’m an 18 year old female and i will need a part time job, i’m kind of similar to michael charles put down.

    My mom (also an single parent) got a deep cut on her ankle and she can’t pay for health insurance right now cause of the house (like gas, electrical, etc) and for my older sister, myself, and younger brother. The wound is really bad, so needs stitches cause the butterfly bandages aren’t working properly, so we need stitches for her quick. Is there any job out there that i can work to help her?