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Anyone who is 18 years old looking for work is probably having a tough time. You are either a senior in high school or you have just graduated and a job would be nice to find. But jobs are hard to get and you may have to settle for a part time job.

In this economic environment, you have to take what is given to you and not get greedy. If a part time job is all that is available, you should grab it. At least you will then have some money coming in while you search for a full time job.

Snagajob is THE place to go when you are looking for part time jobs for 18 year olds. It is FREE to sign up and you can search by your area code to find job openings. They are the only online job site that specializes in hourly and part time work which is exactly what you might be looking for.

Many eighteen year olds are lucky and are still living at home so their expenses are not great. If you have graduated high school and your parents are letting you still stay at home until you get a job, you should get a part time job if you can’t find something more permanent.

Sometimes part time jobs can lead to full time work and that is another reason you should be considering all types of work that might come your way. Right now it is so difficult to decide what to do and you need to have some kind of work even if it is not your first choice. Just sitting at home being depressed while you look for work is not a good idea and you need to get yourself out there in the workforce one way or another.

Jobs for 18 year olds are not going to pay a whole lot no matter what field they are in and so the smart thing to do is to at least get a part time job if you can. It is important to not hold out for that job you really want because you may never get it in this horrible economy. You should at least be trying to get part time work and Snagajob is a great place to start.


  1. eric edwards, 21. January 2012, 2:56

    hello my name is eric edwards i dont have much of a work history but i did work for the corbin ice co. for three months then school came in and i had to go back i am having a baby and i am also married i really need a job if you gave me a chance i could show you that i am a really good worker i live in corbin ky but i can travel up to 10 miles i go to school 9am to 2pm my number is 606-304-6580 thank you for your time.

  2. Sive, 15. March 2012, 11:17

    Hi my name is Sive Kweleta I don’t have much experience needed for an 18 year old worker because I’ve never worked before , but I’m determined and also a hardworker and a fast learner , that makes me to always wear a smile on my face.