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When you graduate high school this year, some of you will go to college and some will try to get a job. Of course with college costing so much many of you will be trying to do both. Not many kids can afford college these days without getting some kind of work.

The one thing you should know by now is that jobs are SUPER hard to find and high school really doesn’t prepare you for any of what you will be facing.

High school helps more with going to college and continuing your studies, not with finding and keeping a job. When you are in school you don’t have much exposure to the outside: you pretty much live in your own isolated world where you and all your friends rarely venture out. Your goal is to graduate and that is all that really matters.

Once high school is over though, it is REALLY over and that is a shock to many. If you have spent most of your life in school, it is hard to suddenly be let go. Your life will change overnight and many of your friends will all go in different directions. Some will try to get jobs while others will go on to various colleges so everyone will split up.

Finding a job in 2011 is going to be as difficult as ever and that is going to make things hard on you. The unemployment rate for 16 to 24 year olds with no college education is over 20% according to the Labor Department. OVER 20%, which is more than double that of the national average of about 9%. They probably don’t tell you things like that in high school and there is no class that teaches you how to cope with getting rejected for a job.

Not everyone goes on to college and it is just fine if that is not your thing. But be prepared for some difficult times and don’t expect to find a job right away. You should expect to NOT find a job for a while and then if you get lucky and do find something, that will be a big bonus. It would be smart to apply to all sorts of different jobs and hope that you will get accepted for something. At least give Snagajob a try now as it is free and they will have job openings in your city that high school graduates qualify for.

Log on, find a job and get to work.  SnagAJob