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Home Depot has just come out and said on 1/12/2012 that they will be hiring 70,000 employees over the coming months. These jobs will be seasonal jobs and they will coincide with spring which is of course a very busy time for a store like HD. When spring time comes, people start getting out of their houses to work in the yard and to repair damage to their homes so Home Depot is super busy that time of year.

If you are looking for jobs for 18 year olds, you should check out their website here. It says that last year about 1/2 of the people they hired during this time period were able to stay with the company with permanent jobs. This is a great opportunity for 18 and 19 year olds to get a job now as many of those jobs will most likely require very little previous experience.

In this economy it is great news to hear that a major company is hiring and 70,000 is a huge number. Most likely the store near you will be participating in this recruiting push so get out there with your resume and apply!