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I’ve found a good article that might give you some job ideas and an indication of what each type of career pays. If you are reading this you are looking for jobs for 18 year olds and you are either still in high school or just graduated. You might be trying to figure out whether to go to a 4 year college or some other type of 2 year technical school. Then again, there are those of you who don’t want to go to school anymore at all and just want a job. “Just give me a job!” you say.

Well this article lists 200 jobs in 2011 that you can get and ranks them by several criteria including the workplace environment, stress level, the physical demands, approximate income, and the hiring outlook for each kind of job in the future. You will notice that most of the jobs that are toward the top of the list will require some sort of education after high school. The further down the list you go you will find that the jobs decrease in pay and they also decrease in qualifications and education required.

There are lots of good job ideas on that list and for anyone that is 18 years old it should be a real eye opener that they need to get more education. Yes, you can go out and get a bartender job, cashier job, or a guard job but what type of future will that leave you with? I think it is clear that at some point you will need to get additional training for a real career or go to school to get a college degree or a technical degree.

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