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If you are 18 years old and just starting college, competing for a job might be a little different than it was when you where in high school. When you were looking for jobs for 18 year old high school students, you were competing with other high schoolers in your home town for jobs. Things are a little bit different now that you are in college and likely living away from home.

First of all, if you are living on a college campus or in a college town, that means that everyone else looking for a job is most likely also in college. Your competition for jobs has just gone up because of this.

As you might be figuring out, students who have made it to college are smart and many of them were the top students in their high schools. Additionally, a higher percentage of them probably have job experience as well and they will be your competition for the jobs that are available in your college town. The more job experience your fellow students have means that you will have to try harder and interview better than you might have just a year ago when you were back in high school.

There are different kinds of jobs that are suited for college students and different levels of pay as well. Some students try to find a job where they might be able to study while they are working. A job in the library might be one of these or a retail establishment where they can study during slow times. Any job like this though, will probably not pay much more than minimum wage as the requirements may not be that high. In college I worked at a golf driving range and during the winter it was dead. I could go to work every shift and count on being able to study most of the time and get paid for it!

Other students who need more money or have higher aspirations might seek out a job that is more challenging. This type of job might involve working in an office for a company that does what they are majoring in. Students who are majoring in engineering, architecture, law, teaching or any other specific field might try to get a college job in one of those fields. This will help them greatly when they graduate and already have job experience in their chosen field.

Jobs for 18 year olds whether they are in high school or in college have been hard to find for some time now. College students who can’t find work are going to have trouble paying their bills and staying in school. It is a real concern for many and taking out school loans or dropping out may be the only alternatives if a job can’t be found. Going to a university should be a fun time in life when you make friends, learn how to socialize, and of course study hard. Unfortunately, many college students are now faced with the harsh reality that they may not be able to pay for college and their futures seem very uncertain.

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