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One of the best places eighteen year olds can sometimes find jobs is in an office. There are many such jobs that do not require college degrees and some of them can be done part time. Depending on the business the particular company is in, you might be able to get either a full time or part time job in an office in your area or town.

Once you get a job in an office, you might be able to turn it into something better and move up. Showing a willingness to learn and work hard will go a long way towards whether your boss will decide to promote you. Learning the business from the ground up is the key to advancing and ultimately getting better paying jobs. There are many stories of company presidents and CEO’s that started in an office, learned the business, and wound up eventually running the company.

Office jobs for 18 year olds are great because they can often be flexible in nature. Whether you are still in high school or just graduated, you might look for something that will work with your schedule. The types of work you will be able to get in an office will often allow you to come in during certain hours and not necessarily be there all day.

If you don’t like doing manual labor, that would be another reason for looking for this kind of job. Usually a job in an office will have something to do with answering phones, working on the computer entering records, making copies, bookkeeping and other tasks such as that. These are all things that are a lot easier on your body than going out an working digging ditches.

Eighteen year olds are in a bad position right now with the economy being so poor and jobs being so hard to find. If you are a high school student or recent graduate, don’t overlook the option of working in an office somewhere. You might find that it is the perfect job for you!


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