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If you are a high school graduate looking for jobs for 18 year olds, you need a resume to be able to compete. Even if you don’t have much or any job experience you need a resume and the sooner you start one the better.

When you are 15, 16, and maybe even 17 years old and looking for a job, it might not be necessary to have a resume (but it would still help). By the time you are 18 and a high school graduate though, employers are going to view you as an adult and want your resume. Once you turn 18 you can’t get away with being a child anymore and you have to do things the adult way.

There are many books in the library that can help you put together a good resume. Additionally, you can find lots of information online concerning what should and should not be in a resume and how you might organize it properly. There are probably also classes you can take at the local community college or somewhere similar that will help you learn everything.

You can also go online to have your resume professionally done here: Save $20 when you purchase a Resume and Cover Letter at ResumeEdge.com.

In old times (pre Internet) everyone had paper copies of thier resumes and either hand delivered them or sent them via the mail to prospective employers. While this can still be done today, most companies that are hiring 18 year olds are on the Internet and probably do most of their recruiting online. This makes it necessary for you to become familiar with some of the top online job search sites and submit your resume there.

Even if you don’t have a lot of work experience, you need to have a professional looking resume that you can post to these job search sites. If you haven’t had many jobs, make sure you list other accomplishments in your life that will help contribute the the total picture of who you are. At 18, most don’t have that much job experience but it is important to show that you are excited and willing to work and show that you have done something in the past.

Make sure you post your resume on as many of the free job web sites as you can so that you have as many feelers out as possible. Don’t get lazy and skip this step. If you are looking for jobs for 18 year olds, you are going to have to go the extra steps in this tough economic environment. Having a resume and distributing it everywhere is only one of your first steps towards getting that job.