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I found a very interesting article here today about how factory jobs are declining in numbers in this country even though the economy is starting to come back.

It used to be that factory work was one of the jobs for 18 year olds that you could get right out of high school. Of course there were tons of jobs like this in Detroit during the automobile boom years and factory workers were paid quite well. Manufacturing and factory jobs have always been a good option for 18 year olds who didn’t want to go to college wanted a job right away.

But time are changing and the way things are made has changed as well. Whenever possible, businesses are replacing people with computers and machines because they don’t tire and break down like people do. Machines can give a business a much higher productivity rate at the fraction of the cost.

What this means is that the job of factory workers have changed. There are fewer workers actually putting the product together and more workers who are needed to manage, control, and operate the computers and machines. Business need factory workers who know how to use computers and how to keep them running. In many cases, this means they need workers who have more than just a high school degree!

Factory workers today that know how to operate these advanced computers and machinery will get paid more than the workers of yesterday who just did manual labor. This is because they have special training and can be a great benefit to the business that hire them.

Going to college is not for everyone but it is going to be harder and harder to find jobs if you don’t have some sort of training beyond what you get in high school. That is why you should think about what you want to do for a job and then perhaps apply to a trade school in that area. Trade schools and vocational schools are a viable option for anyone that doesn’t want to go to college but does want to get a decent job.

You can always get a job flipping burgers at your local fast food hangout but do you really want to do that for the rest of your life? If you are 18 years old and about to graduate high school, you might look into factory jobs but you need to realize that the more skills you have, the more you can make even at a factory job.

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