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Finding a job now is extremely hard as you have probably found out. It seems like you have to know someone with connections or be very lucky to get one. What do 18 year olds and new high school graduates do?

The other option is of course to go to college. However, college is VERY expensive and it is not for everyone anyway. There are lots of people in this world who are successful having never gone to college so although it is recommended, it is not absolutely critical.

When you graduate high school and start looking for jobs for 18 year olds, you will probably start to realize that you don’t have many skills to offer employers. That is why you might consider attending ITT Tech to learn some skills and put yourself in a position to actually have a career.

Going to ITT Tech is a lot less expensive than college and you graduate a lot sooner as well. You come out with some very specific job skills and training  in fields that are in great demand.

Jobs may be so hard to get now that you might consider ITT Tech as an alternative. They have online classes and real campuses at over 100 locations all over the country. You have probably seen their commercials on TV and you can truly get “career” training with them rather than just a job.

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