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Have you wondered why it is so hard to get a job? Well, according to theĀ Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for the 16 to 19 age group has been just under 24% now for three months in a row.

That data includes teenagers aged 16 and 17 but is it really easier for an 18 year old to find work? Probably not as 18 year olds don’t have college degrees, are too young to have much meaningful work experience, and many times don’t even know what career direction they want.

24% means that 1 out of four who want a job cannot find one. That number doesn’t even take into consideration someone who might be working part time instead of full time because that is all they can find. So, the unemployment percent is really higher!


If you are out hunting for jobs for 18 year olds, make sure you never forget this very difficult time in your life. Make sure you learn that jobs are NOT GUARANTEED. The real world is tough and rarely fair. You may think you deserve a job and should be able to get one but that is not how the world works, especially in a bad economy. You may have to apply many places and even take a part time job when you really want something that is full time.

Many young people voted for Obama and we will now have four more years of high debt, high unemployment, and a lot of meaningless talk out of the Democrats. Obama talks a lot but look at the state of the economy under him: it has gone from bad to worse and all he does is blame the other side. So next time you have a chance to vote, think carefully about who you want to elect because it does matter!

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