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If you are looking for jobs for 18 year olds that pay well, chances are you might be skipping college and hoping to find work right out of high school. Hopefully you are aware of the awful economy, the high unemployment rate, and the general uneasiness the whole nation is experiencing as our government continues to spend money at an unprecedented rate.

Right now is one of the worst times you could be looking for a job as an 18 year old because that means you have little experience and no college degree. Of course what exactly a “high paying” job means is different to different people but the chances of you finding something that pays more that $10.00 an hour might not be too good. In times like these, you might ultimately have to focus your attention to just plain getting any job rather than one that pays well.

There are some jobs that pay better than others though and you might as well try to get them first before you settle for something less:

Construction jobs – a job in construction is something that you don’t need a college degree for and it is a great start for 18 year olds. This is because you are young and stronger than you will be when you get older and you are better able to battle the elements as well. Construction jobs often pay around the $14.00 mark and higher so it is something that will help you pay the bills and even live on your own if you want.

Sales jobs – Sales jobs often pay you part or all in commissions so there is a bit of a risk here. However, if you are a likable person with a talent for talking and selling, a sales job could be the right match for you. There is definitely a certain type of person that does well in this sort of job and some young people start out as salesmen and never leave. When you are on commission, you can make a lot more than you ever could at an hourly rate if you know your customers and are good at selling the product.

Waiters and waitress jobs – Most people think of these jobs as part time or something that will just tide you over till you find a better job. However, if you already have some experience in restaurants waiting tables, you might be able to get a job at a high end eating establishment. The higher end the restaurant is, the more money you can make and many waiters and waitresses make a very good living. Experience is the key here though, and not your education so you need to have some sort of prior work history in food.

Admittedly it might be hard right now to find any kind of job but that doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t try. The media loves to tell us how bad things are out there because bad news gets ratings. However, if you need a job and you are 18 and just out of high school, the sooner you jump in and start giving the job hunt your all, the better off you will be. Not every job pays the same so try for the ones that you think you will be good at that pay more first. If you can’t get one of those, then lower your standards a little and try for the lower paying jobs.